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Disciplinary Procedures

How to Conduct a Disciplinary Hearing


The disciplinary hearing is an opportunity for the allegations to be put to the employee and for the employee to offer explanations and/or mitigation or to demonstrate that they are not guilty of the allegations.

The disciplinary hearing should be conducted properly and the employee must be given an opportunity to defend themselves. The designated officer must ensure that a HR Representative is available to attend the disciplinary hearing.

At a glance

Conducting the Hearing

  • must be conducted in a fair and open manner
  • must allow all parties to present relevant evidence and call appropriate witnesses
  • delays to the hearing commencing should be explained to all parties
  • every effort should be made to ensure the hearing takes place promptly
  • a prompt decision should be made at the end of the hearing, following an adjournment
  • the decision should be confirmed in writing within 5 working days of the hearing

It is important to refer to the full guidance contained in the Disciplinary Guidance prior to conducting a disciplinary Hearing.