COVID-19 Small Business Grant

Before you apply

As part of its response to the COVID-19 emergency, the Scottish Government is making grants available for certain businesses and has asked the Council to administer the Grant Scheme on its behalf within the Highland Council area.

Does my business qualify?

To establish if your business is eligible or not, please refer to the Scottish Government's website pages or the Scottish Assessor.

If you do not qualify please see our further information and support page

Eligibility for this grant is defined by the Scottish Government. To be eligible your business premises must have been occupied on Tuesday 17 March 2020. Only businesses who are currently on the Non-Domestic Rates register may apply for this grant (i.e. businesses who pay council tax will not qualify). 

Businesses operating in a qualifying premises

What can I apply for?

Businesses that qualify for both grants may request the £25,000 grant only.

Only one grant is available per rate payer e.g. If you have more than one property eligible for this grant, you may only make one application for funding.

If you applied for Nursery Relief or Disabled Relief but are eligible for the Small Business Bonus Scheme you will also qualify for this grant.

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