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Frequently asked questions

Can you camp along the route?

We practice a “leave no trace” policy when camping in the Great Glen. Commercial campsites are available throughout the Great Glen, as well as free camping pitches made available by Scottish Canals along the Caledonian Canal. Any other camping along the route should be undertaken well away from settlements, roads and possible ground water supplies. See the Access and Wild Camping page for more details. 

Are there mileage markers on the route?

We currently do not have mileage markers installed along the route. However if you download our Route Distances document from the website, you can keep track of your progress in miles as you travel along the Glen. 

Can I walk with my dog?

Under the Scottish Outdoor Access Code, dogs are welcome on all sections of the Great Glen Way as long as they are under close control at all times and kept on a lead in areas with sheep and lambs. The lambing season in this area is from 1st April to 31st May. Relevant areas will normally have signs informing you of this. When making your travel arrangements make sure that dogs are allowed on public transport as not all providers allow dogs on their vehicles apart from guide dogs.

Are there any shops available on the route?

Major supermarkets are available in Fort William and Inverness. Grocery and gift shops are to be found throughout the Great Glen, as well as Post Offices and petrol stations. Always check the route in advance if you are relying on shops for essential supplies.

How bad are the midges?

Midges are at their worst between June and September, but it varies from year to year and is dependent on weather. To get detailed information about midges during your visit, look at the midge forecast.


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