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Covid 19 and the GGW

Covid 19 and the Great Glen Way


The Great Glen Way is pleased to welcome walkers and cyclists to our section of the Highlands. Most of the businesses in the area have re-opened and are keen to encourage you back to the Great Glen. By planning your trip and speaking to accommodation providers ahead of time you will be helping to keep yourselves and the local communities here in the Glen safe.

With the GGW being a rural experience you may feel that your journey will be a welcome escape from the trials of the Coronavirus. However, most walkers and cyclists are heavily reliant on the villages throughout the Great Glen and our rural location and lack of services could make us particularly vulnerable.  After a long period without tourists we ask that all visitors respect the communities and people that are offering their hospitality.

You can help to do this by taking the following advice:

  • Observe national guidelines regarding Covid 19.

In Scotland this means:

  • Face coverings in enclosed spaces
  • Avoid crowded places
  • Clean hands and surfaces regularly
  • Two-metre distancing; and
  • Self-isolate and book a test if you have symptoms


Further advice can be found here:


  • Face masks must be worn on public transport, in shops and other enclosed public spaces (such as libraries.)
  • If possible book all your accommodation in advance, as many providers currently have restrictions in place, or may not be open at all.
  • Many campsites are limited in the types of accommodation they will accept. Currently most will only take visitors with self-contained facilities, such as camper vans. If in doubt check websites or email/phone to confirm.
  • There are a small number of shops in the Great Glen, but supplies may be limited. Some are offering a pre-order scheme to help limit the number of people in shops.
  • Advise the accommodation provider you’re staying with immediately if anyone in your party shows symptoms of COVID-19 during or 14 days after your visit and follow the current Scottish Government advice about returning home and self-isolating.
  • If eating out please book in advance (some restaurants are available through booking only) or consider using Take-Away instead. Be aware that social distancing limits may change in cafes or restaurants. Signs at the doorways will inform you of any changes.
  • If possible use contactless payment methods. The current limit on contactless payment has been increased to £45.
  • Please be thoughtful and considerate of any measures our local businesses have put in place to protect themselves, other customers and the local community. Many of our businesses are family run and a single infection could have a wide reaching effect, both physically and economically.


The majority of our advertisers are open for business, though most have measures in place to cope with the evolving Covid 19 situation. Please be aware that these measures will change as government guidance does.


Accommodation Providers

Most of the businesses advertised on our website are open to visitors, with a variety of measures in place. Please contact them for more details. A few, however, will be staying closed for the short term.


Lundie View (until 2021)

Clan Cameron Museum (until 2021)

GG Baggage Transfer (until 2021)

Caledonian Discovery will not be operating cruises before the middle of October. Until then their barges will be offered as self-catering accommodation. Please see  for details.