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The Lord-Lieutenant of Ross and Cromarty is Mrs Joanie Whiteford. Mrs Whiteford was appointed in July 2019 and succeeded Mrs Janet Bowen CVO.

The Lord-Lieutenant of Ross and Cromarty

Scottish Lord-Lieutenants are appointed by The King, on the advice of the First Minister for each area of Scotland (apart from the cities of Aberdeen, Dundee, Edinburgh and Glasgow where the Lord Provosts are ex-officio Lord Lieutenants).

Roles and responsibilities


The Lord-Lieutenant's role

The Lord-Lieutenant represents the King in the county. The role is unpaid and like the Monarch, is essentially non-political. The office of Lord-Lieutenant is of military origin and dates back to the time of Henry VIII when they were appointed for the maintenance of order and for military purposes relating to local defence. Their military role has largely disappeared, but links are maintained by association with Volunteer Reserve Forces. They are also connected with other uniformed organisations such as the Fire, Police and Ambulance services and many local voluntary bodies, also The Cadet Forces and other youth organisations. Lord-Lieutenants have long been associated with the magistracy but, in Scotland, this direct association ceased in 2007.

The Lord-Lieutenant seeks to promote a good atmosphere and a spirit of co-operation by encouragement given to voluntary service and to benevolent organisations, and by taking an active interest in the business, industrial and social life of the County and the voluntary activity that goes on in it.

As His Majesty's personal representatives in the area, the Lord Lieutenant’s prime duty is to uphold the dignity of the Crown. Within that remit, the Lord Lieutenant exercises the following functions:

  • Arranging all visits of members of the Royal family to the Ross and Cromarty area and escorting Royal visitors
  • Representing The King, including duties with the armed forces and presenting certain honours, medals and awards
  • Liaison with local units of the Royal Navy, Royal Marines, Army, Royal Air Force and their associated cadet forces
  • Encouraging and assessing nominations for Honours, both personal and for The King's Award for Voluntary Service
  • Ensuring that The King's Private Office is kept informed about local issues relating to their area, particularly when a Royal visit is being planned
  • Participation in civic, voluntary and social activities within the Lieutenancy area

Lieutenancy area

The area covered by the Lieutenancy stretches from Skye in the west to beyond Ullapool in the north and to Cromarty and Tain in the east.

Map of The Lieutenancy area.

Map of area covered by The Lord-Lieutenant of Ross and Cromarty

Lieutenancy Office

The Clerk to the Lord Lieutenant of Ross and Cromarty is Iain Swayne, Highland Council.
The main support to this role is provided by Adeline Allan .

Deputy Lieutenants

Deputy Lieutenants are appointed by each Lord Lieutenant at their discretion. DLs support the Lord Lieutenant in general, acting as the Lord Lieutenant’s ‘eyes and ears’ across the Lieutenancy and representing the Lord Lieutenant on occasion.
One of the DLs is appointed as the Vice Lord-Lieutenant. Collectively they are referred to as the Lieutenancy.

  • Mr Andrew Townsend, Vice Lord-Lieutenant
  • Dr Robbie Bain, Deputy Lieutenant
  • Janet Dawson, Deputy Lieutenant
  • Mrs Joanna Macpherson, Deputy Lieutenant
  • Dr Moira McKenna MBE, Deputy Lieutenant
  • Mrs Annie Stewart, Deputy Lieutenant
  • Mr Angus Watson MBE, Deputy Lieutenant
  • Mrs Norma Young, Deputy Lieutenant

Honours and Awards

Honours lists are published twice a year, at New Year and on the King's birthday. Anyone can receive an award if they reach the required standard of merit or service, and honours lists contain a wide variety of people from different backgrounds, communities and organisations. Anyone can nominate someone for an award. The honours system is administered by the Government and you can obtain more information by visiting the The Honours system - gov.scot.

If you have any queries about the honours system or how to nominate someone, please contact the Clerk to the Lieutenancy.
The main support to this role is provided by Adeline Allan.

Birthdays and anniversaries

On the occasion of the 100th birthday of an individual or the Diamond Wedding Jubilee of a married couple The King will send a signed greeting and message of congratulation.

If it is the wish of the family it is possible for this message to be personally delivered by the Lord Lieutenant, or in the case of non availability by one of the Deputy Lieutenants, as a representative of the King. This visit will be brief and not intrusive, and a number of people have commented that such a visit does add to the day.

If you would like to arrange a visit please contact the Clerk to the Lieutenancy.
The main support to this role is provided by Adeline Allan .


If you have any questions about work of the Lord Lieutenant and Deputies, please contact the Clerk to the Lieutenancy.
The main support to this role is provided by Adeline Allan .