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Advice for contractors:

Framework agreements for contractors and consultants

Companies who are on the less than £50k Contractors Framework are required to adhere to and comply with our policies, terms and conditions.

New contractors to the framework should fill in and submit the Supplier Appraisal Questionnaire available, phone us on 01463 253555 or

If you are an existing framework contractor you do not need to do anything else. Your inclusion will continue with your current status and information unless you need to provide updates. The only exception to this would be if a company failed to maintain one of the prerequisites for membership such as suitable insurance cover or Health and Safety certification. This could result in them being removed from the framework agreement. However, defaulting companies would be offered the option to re-apply for inclusion into the framework when it was next opened (maximum six month period) subject to the correct certification being submitted.

Arrangements for accessing properties

All Contractors and their staff must book in at the reception of any property they are working in.

They may be denied access if:

  • Asbestos awareness training certificates are not readily available. Contractor personnel should be able to produce these on request
  • A ‘Plan-in-Place’ confirmation (verifying that method statements prepared for works have been reviewed) is not available
  • The Plan in Place Procedures for Medium and High Risk Works has been established to control access to properties, especially for medium and high risk work activities. Contractors must submit all method statements to the maintenance officer for review. The maintenance officer will then confirm to the area housing and property business support that a ‘Plan-in-Place’ confirmation can be issued to the Responsible Premises Officer

Gas and asbestos safety

Please refer to our pages in this section on gas and asbestos.

To access asbestos information go to

  • Download and install the CAD floor plan viewer plugin
  • Log in using your company name
  • Password ‘asbestos’

Please contact Stuart Duncan, Acting Property Manager (Building Maintenance) on 01463 702239 if you require support.

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