Building Our Future

Building Our Future Highland

Building Our Future Highland has been launched by The Highland Council to keep residents and wider public informed on the progress of works for the re-profiled capital programme’s education and Council property projects across Highland.

The dedicated hashtag #BuildingOurFutureHighland will be used on social media to promote the local authority’s completed, ongoing and future building and property projects. The hashtag will help users to quickly locate relevant press releases, photographs, videos and other engaging content for projects on busy social media feeds.

As well as a dedicated webpage and hashtag, an interactive Google map has been created to showcase the scale and progress of works across the region, highlighting the crucial work of officers within the Housing and Property and Education committees.

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact on the construction industry with projects facing supply chain issues, additional site measures to ensure health and safety of the workforce, and delays to project timescales.

The combined effect of these factors has resulted in additional costs on projects where site work was suspended, an increase in recent tender levels, and delays to some projects that are at pre-construction stage.

Project teams are continuing to work hard to ensure all projects are delivered within the approved funding allocations.

Visit this webpage, view our interactive map, or search for #BuildingOurFutureHighland to keep up to date with our progress with projects in your area.