Community alarm service


Telecare is a service which uses a combination of alarms, sensors and other equipment, to help people live more independently and safely in their own home. It is available to those at risk because of age, disability or other factors.

What is offered

In addition to the basic alarm, there is also a range of equipment (telecare sensors) which are available with the telecare system. This is sometimes called enhanced telecare.

The following are examples of this:

  • Smoke detector
  • Natural gas or carbon monoxide detector
  • Fall detector
  • Flood detector
  • Movement detector
  • Property exit sensor
  • Medication reminder or dispenser
  • Temperature extremes sensor 


The telecare service is financially assessed so any charge would be dependent on your circumstances – and you may not have to pay at all.


If you wish to be considered for the telecare service or would like more information, please visit NHS Technology Enabled Care

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