Licensing news

Consultation on Gambling Policy Statement 2022-25 

At the meeting of the Highland Licensing Board on 7 September 2021 it was agreed to approve the publication and issue of the proposed Consultation Draft Policy Statement and to invite statutory consultees and members of the public to submit consultation responses by no later than 5pm on 2 November 2021.   Please email any consultation responses to :

Consultation on the licensing of Sexual Entertainment Venues

 At the meeting of the Highland Licensing Committee on 3 August 2021 it was agreed to carry out a public consultation into the licensing of Sexual Entertainment Venues (SEV) in Highland to help inform the Committees decision whether to licence SEV's. To find out more information in relation to this click here. You can also respond to this consultation by clicking on the link below.


Taxi Tariff Review 2021 

At the Highland Licensing Committee meeting held on 22 June 2021 Members agreed a draft tariff for public consultation which included the following:

  • No change to any of the current tariffs or extras charges.

The proposed draft tariff would take effect from late October 2021.

A full copy of the draft tariff for public consultation can be found here.

Members of the public are invited to submit their comments about the above proposals by 27 July 2021. This can be done via an e-mail to or in writing to:

Iain Meredith, Principal Solicitor (Regulatory Services), The Highland Council, Council Offices, High Street, Dingwall, IV15 9QN

All representations received will be considered by the Highland Licensing Committee at their meeting of 7 September 2021.


Taxi Tariff Review 2021 

All Taxi Operators have been written to regarding the review of the Council's taxi tariff and have been invited to submit their responses. A copy of the Council's current taxi tariff is available here. You will also find information regarding inflation figures from the Office of national Statistics (ONS) and other information here which will assist you with your responses.

Please send your views on whether you wish to see any change to the current tariffs, along with any supporting evidence you wish the Highland Licensing Committee to consider to by 12 May 2021.


Licensing of the public performance of a play 

From 27 January 2021 a public entertainment licence will be required for the public performance of any play.

Personal Licence renewals

  • If your licence was issued on or before 1 September 2009, you need to renew it. The deadline for renewals is 31 May 2019
  • If you miss the deadline and your licence expires you could lose the right to sell alcohol on your premises

If you hold a Personal Licence which expires on 31 August 2019, we recommend that you do the refresher training and submit the training certificate with the renewal application. You should not delay your renewal application because you have not taken any action to book onto a refresher training course or do not yet have the refresher training certificate. We suggest that you use your existing training qualification, which are accredited for renewal purposes as evidence of your licensing qualification. Read more on the Scottish Government website. Submit this existing training qualification along with your application form and renewal fee without delay to meet the 31 May deadline. Evidence of your refresher training certificate would need to be submitted as soon as possible after you have submitted your application.

Act now if you want to keep your Personal Licence

If your personal licence was issued on or before 1 September 2009 this applies to you and you must:

  • Undergo refresher training every 5 years to refresh their knowledge of the licensing regime, and send the training certificate to your local Licensing Board Office 
  • Apply to renew a personal licence every ten years, and lodge the renewal application no later than 3 months before expiry date of the licence.

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