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Consultation on Highland Licensing Board Policy Statement 2023-28

The Highland Licensing Board has begun consultation on its next Statement of Licensing Policy for the period November 2023 to November 2028.

You can view the consultation documents at this link: Consultation on Highland Licensing Board Policy Statement 2023-23

Sexual Entertainment Venue (SEV) Licence

Please note that as of 1 January 2023, all SEV's in The Highland Council area require a SEV licence to operate.

How to apply for a licence?

You can apply for a SEV licence by filling in the application form and submitting it to

Application Form

Please ensure that you have read the SEV Policy Statement, Standard Conditions and Best Practice Guide prior to submitting your application.

View the Policy Statement

View the Standard Conditions

View the Best Practice Guide


How much does it cost for a licence?

An application for the grant of a SEV licence is £559

An application for the renewal of a SEV licence is £559

An application to vary a SEV licence is £279


Who can object to a licence?

It is open to any member of a licence to make an objection or representation to a SEV licence application. 

Prior to submitting an objection or representation - Read Annex E - Objections and Representation



Annex A - Application Procedure and Consultee List

Annex B - Application form

Annex C - Notice of Display

Annex D - Certificate of Compliance

Annex E - Objections and Representations guidance

Annex F - Form of Waiver

Annex G - Occasional Use Exemption Letter

Annex H - Notice of advertisement style

Gambling Policy Statement 2022-25 

The Highland Licensing Board (HLB) has now finalised its Gambling policy statement 2022-25 under the Gambling Act 2005 which will become its policy statement for the period 2022-2025.  This will come into force on 1 January 2022.  

Licensing of the public performance of a play 

From 27 January 2021 a public entertainment licence will be required for the public performance of any play.

Read our guidance