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Taxi fares

We have reviewed the the maximum level of charges for the hire of Taxis or Private Hire Cars fitted with Taxi Meters.

The new taxi tariff which will apply from 24 April 2017.

Immigration Act 2016

This act means we are unable to grant a taxi driver or private hire car (PHC) driver licence unless a face to face check has first been made to verify that the applicant is not disqualified by reason of his or her immigration status from driving a taxi or private hire car.

All applicants for taxi or PHC driver licences, including UK passport holders, will have to attend their nearest licensing office in person with original documents (passport or other acceptable documents) demonstrating that they have the right to work in the UK. This includes all current new applications and renewal applications

Licensing staff will check the validity of the original documents in the presence of the applicant before the licence can be issued. We will keep copies of these documents. A further document check will only be required at subsequent renewal where the applicant’s immigration permission to work in the UK is time-limited.

Read which documents which can be accepted for these checks.

This checking process is in addition to the criminal history check which we carry out with Police Scotland.

Taxi and private hire car inspection fees

Operators must pay the £95 inspection fee plus an additional amount of £19 VAT (£114 in total).

For combined inspections (Council Test and MOT) the fee will be £134 (as no VAT is paid on the MOT element.) Operators may request a VAT receipt from the Council for this payment.

Public entertainment

The Highland Licensing Committee have agreed to vary its existing resolution relating to the activities which are licensed under public entertainment. Read the advert which details changes.

These changes will take effect from 1 January 2017.

Applications can be made online or forms are also available from  Service Points.

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