Our Environmental Health team is raising awareness of the dangers from ticks, in particular the serious illness known as Lyme disease which can be transmitted to humans through a tick bite.

Ticks are very small spider-like creatures which feed on blood. In the wild they feed on animals like deer, foxes and rabbits and can be picked up by domestic pets such as cats and dogs. They will bite humans if transferred onto skin. 

Ticks are common in the Highlands and it is thought that 1 in 10 of them carry the bacteria which can cause Lyme disease. We have produced a handy tick removal tool which can help reduce the risk of contracting Lyme disease by allowing ticks to be removed from the body safely.

Our project aims to target outdoor events over the summer including farmer’s shows, game fairs and the World Orienteering Championships.

Read our leaflet on ticks and Lyme disease.

For a free tick removal tool and information leaflet on Lyme disease please send a stamped addressed envelope (2nd class stamp) to the address below.