Abandoned vehicles

Reporting an abandoned vehicle

Up to date vehicle tax

 MOT certificate

You can check if a vehicle has an MOT certificate

  • If the vehicle is parked on a public road and is not MOT'd you can report it here report it to the DVLA or by phoning the police on 101

A danger or obstruction

Is the vehicle:

  • In breach of traffic regulations
  • Obstructing the roadway
  • Likely to cause a danger?

The Police have the legal power to remove any vehicle left in a position that they consider is causing a danger or obstruction.  

To report a vehicle Call 101 or contact your local police station.

If the vehicle has been dumped and left for more than 28 days

Signs to look for:

  • Missing number plates
  • Smashed windscreen or windows
  • Significantly damaged (flat tyres, removed wheels)
  • Vandalised or burned out

A vehicle will generally be considered as "abandoned" if it has been discarded or dumped.  It is not based on the length of time it has remained on site.

If a vehicle has been discarded or dumped, Environmental Health can investigate. To help us investigate, please have this information ready:

Essential Information:

  • Make, model and colour
  • Registration
  • Exact location
  • General condition
  • How long abandoned

Further Information

  • Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)
  • At least 4 pictures (at least one from each side of the vehicle)

Abandoned vehicle enquiry flow chart

Report an abandoned vehicle