Criminal justice services

Request Community Payback help

If you are a non-profit making organisation, a local group or an individual that may benefit from having our help and can offer an offender an opportunity to improve their circumstances and gain valuable experience from a work setting, please contact us.

Community Payback

This is a community-based sentence imposed by the court that is an alternative to a short- term prison sentence. Offenders over 16 years carry out unpaid work for a set number of hours which have to be completed within either 3 or 6 months. It is supervised and managed by us.

Unpaid work gives offenders a chance to work for the benefit of the community and ‘payback’ for their offending. Offenders can remain in work and continue to support their families. For those out of work, they will learn new skills to help them get a job. They will receive support and guidance to reduce the risk of re-offending.

Projects and individuals - how we can help

Unpaid work provides free labour to individuals or third sector organisations who need help in the Highland Council area. The idea is to help those who cannot afford to get the work done themselves and have no one who may be able to assist. Workers are not skilled but the quality of the work undertaken is important and is always overseen by trained supervisors. Strict supervision is provided at all times. Projects we will undertake include:

  • Gardening and grass cutting
  • Woodworking and bench making
  • Light building work
  • Furniture removals
  • Beach cleaning, tidying up environmental and community areas
  • Snow and ice clearing
  • Working in charity shops
  • Supporting individuals with mental health difficulties

If you think we can contribute to future projects you may be planning we would like to hear from you.

What happens following a request for help

Our officer will come out to see you and explain what is involved and assess the work to be done. If approved you will be given a start date. Although our service has some tools of its own, we do not pay for any materials such as paint or other items needed. Essentially, we provide free labour. We make every effort to finish all work as soon as we can without compromising on quality.