Mental health services

The Highland Forensic Service

We are a multi-disciplinary team consisting of Local Authority Mental Health Officers and various NHS Highland disciplines. We work in partnership with a number statutory services and voluntary organisations including the NHS, Police Scotland, the Scottish Government Health Directorate, the Mental Welfare Commission and the Forensic Network.

The Service Aims To:

  • Enhance community safety and public protection
  • Support individuals subject to criminal mental health legislation
  • Enhance public and professional understanding of forensic mental health care
  • Support social inclusion

We Provide:

  • Consultation, assessment and statutory report writing
  • Nationwide support to Highland patients within secure hospital care
  • Local support to Highland patients returning from secure hospital care
  • Local support to community-based patients and conditionally discharged patients
  • Local training and support to general mental health services and partner organisations
  • Programmes including psychological therapies and educational support designed to promote self-management and social inclusion
  • Management and support of high-risk Mentally Disordered Offenders

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