Renewable energy

Renewable energy history and current projects

Highland has abundant renewable energy resources and has been a focus for renewable energy development for many years. There are many established hydro electric schemes and onshore wind energy schemes. In more recent years interest has grown in additional types such as offshore wind, wave and tidal energy development and a greater range of sizes of scheme.

We are the planning authority for offshore wind, wave and tidal energy schemes of up to 1 megawatt, as well as onshore wind energy schemes and hydroelectric generating stations of up to 50 megawatts. Above these capacities, consent is sought from Scottish Ministers under the Electricity Act, 1989.

We have developed interactive mapping of Wind and Hydro renewable energy schemes across Highland:

More information is available on individual schemes by referring to the following databases:

Planning application database

The Scottish Government database of energy projects

In the future we will update and add to our interactive mapping of renewable energy development.  In the meantime the following documents are available:  

Wind turbine map

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