Discretionary Grant Scheme

Once you have applied

You will receive an automated message once you have submitted your application. Your application will be reviewed to ensure that you have supplied all the necessary information to enable us to check that you qualify for a grant and to make payment to you.

Our team will contact you by telephone/email if we require any additional information. To help prevent fraud, we will never ask you to provide bank details over the phone. Any correspondence in relation to such an application will be from an official Highland Council email address.

When authorised for payment, you will receive an automated email advising that the BACS payment is due (normally this will reach your account after 2 working-days).

We expect there will be an early rush of applications and some delays as a due to a potential backlog of applications.

We ask that you refrain from sending follow-up emails enquiring about progress as this will delay the processing of application forms.

Appeals process

If you do not agree with a decision taken to not award a grant, you can appeal. If you are assessed as not being eligible for the grant, we will write to you explaining the reason why. If you think the wrong decision has been made, you will be able to explain why you believe your business is eligible for the grant.

If you receive a rejection email, it will detail how you can submit your appeal to the Council.

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