COVID-19 Bed and Breakfast Grant

How to apply

Before you apply

As part of its response to the COVID-19 emergency, the Scottish Government is making grants available from 15 June 2020 to Bed and Breakfast operators who did not qualify for any other COVID-19 grant support schemes. These businesses may be eligible for a single, one-off £3,000 grant and the Scottish Government has asked the Council to administer the grant scheme on its behalf within the Highland Council area.

Does my business qualify?

Eligibility for this grant is defined by the Scottish Government. To be eligible your business premises must have been operating on Tuesday 17 March 2020. To establish if your Bed and Breakfast business is eligible or not, please refer to the Scottish Government's Coronavirus grants page.

This scheme was set up specifically to assist Bed and Breakfast and other Small Serviced Accommodation businesses (B&B, Guest House, Farmhouse, Guest Accommodation, Restaurant with rooms, Inn). In particular establishments should offer a served cooked breakfast or substantial continental breakfast and apart from a restaurant or inn, the premises would normally be a private house run by the owner rather than a self-contained unit where guests are provided with facilities to cater for themselves. Cleaning or changing linen does not in itself define a property as “serviced accommodation”.

The Scottish Government originally defined that the scheme was solely to support those B&B businesses who were unable to access support through other schemes as a result of their banking status. The scheme has since been widened to include businesses operating with either a personal or a business bank account demonstrating business revenue and expenditure. However, business bank account owning B&B type operators cannot be considered for this fund if they have previously received a grant from other schemes.

To be eligible you must also show that you gain at least 35% of your income from the affected business and should also provide: 

  • Photographic proof of identity.
  • Proof of business address.
  • Bank statements for a personal bank account showing income and outgoings from bed and breakfast trading activity. 
  • A Cash Flow Statement and financial information including turnover figure / trading accounts from previous year.

As part of your application you will be required to provide evidence of the above. Guidance on suitable evidence is detailed within the application form.

Applications for this scheme have now closed as of 5pm on Friday 10 July 2020.