'Homes for Ukraine’ Sponsorship Scheme

On 1 November 2022, Neil Gray, the minister with responsibility for Ukrainian refugees, announced that the Scottish Super Sponsor Scheme continues to be paused indefinitely.  This is to make sure Scottish Government can provide support and sanctuary to displaced people who are in Scotland already, or will shortly be arriving. 

Applications under the Super Sponsor Scheme made before 13 July 2022, will be processed.  Those who have been issued a visa under the Super Sponsor Scheme can still travel to Scotland.

Highland Council has a strong track record in supporting refugees and has already welcomed Syrian and Afghan families.

The Highland Council debated the Ukrainian crisis on Thursday 10 March and gave its unequivocal support to the people of Ukraine.  The discussion also covered humanitarian support; support for refugees and support for staff, young people and the wider public and in particular for those with families and friends involved in the crisis.

Members agreed that the Council will engage to help develop the Government Sponsorship scheme being proposed, which will build on current programmes and structures already in place to support refugees and migrants.

On 14 March, the UK Government launched the ‘Homes for Ukrainians’ website where people can record their interest in providing a home as an individual or as an organisation (for example charity, business, or community group).

The Scottish Government has proposed to become ‘super sponsors’ to allow up to 3,000 Ukrainians to come to Scotland in the immediate wave.  Once they are here, they will be accommodated temporarily and then people will be matched to longer term accommodation, including offers of rooms from the public.

The Highland Council is united with local communities in a determination to provide humanitarian help and accommodation for the people of Ukraine.

The Council has now begun to receive details of homes in Highland offered under the “Homes for Ukraine” scheme. We are being notified of cases where individual host households have been matched with people who are eligible for the scheme. We are receiving daily updates on this, as additional matches are confirmed.

The Council’s Resettlement Team began contacting hosts last week and we are continuing to do this for additional properties / hosts identified. We have also begun to undertake property inspections and will be issuing guidance to hosts on disclosure checks very soon, as set out in the Scottish Government “Super Sponsor” Guidance for Local Authorities.

The Highland Council has now started to make Resettlement Payments to Ukrainian families and “Thank You Payments” to Sponsors. Please use the links below to apply for your payments.

£200 Resettlement Grant

£350 Sponsor Thank You Payment

We thank everyone who has offered to help and ask you to bear with us while we undertake the safeguarding checks required under the scheme.

If you have any urgent enquiries meantime, please contact the Resettlement Team at: resettlement@highland.gov.uk

Visit our helpful links page to find further information, advice and resources available.