Agendas, reports and minutes

Pensions Committee and Board

Date: Thursday, 19 March 2020

Agenda: Read the Agenda

A joint meeting of the Pensions Committee and Pension Board will take place in the Chamber, Council Headquarters, Glenurquhart Road, Inverness on Thursday 19 March 2020 at 10.30 a.m.
You are invited to attend the meeting and a note of the business to be considered is attached.
Webcast Notice: This meeting will be filmed and broadcast over the internet on the Highland Council website and will be archived and available for viewing for 12 months thereafter.
Yours faithfully
Stewart Fraser
Head of Corporate Governance 
1. Apologies for Absence
2. Declarations of Interest
    Foillseachaidhean Com-pàirt
Members are asked to consider whether they have an interest to declare in relation to any item on the agenda for this meeting.   Any Member making a declaration of interest should indicate whether it is a financial or non-financial interest and include some information on the nature of the interest.   Advice may be sought from Officers prior to the meeting taking place.
3. Legal Implication on using Highland Council Pension Fund for Highland Council Capital Projects
    Buaidh Laghail a thaobh a bhith a’ cleachdadh Maoin Peinnsein Chomhairle na Gàidhealtachd airson Phròiseactan Calpa Chomhairle na Gàidhealtachd
The Head of Corporate Finance and Commercialism will give a verbal report.
4. Service Plan 2020/21
    Plana Seirbheis 2020/21
There is circulated Report No. PC/1/20 by the Head of Corporate Finance and Commercialism.
The Committee is invited to approve the following:-
i.   the Pension Fund Service Plan 2020/21; and
ii.  the Pension Fund Budget for 2020/21.
5. Pension Fund Contributions and Administration 
    Tabhartasan agus Rianachd Maoin Peinnsein
There is circulated Report No. PC/2/20 by the Head of Corporate Finance and Commercialism.
The Committee is invited to consider the details of the report.
6. Annual Audit Plan 2019/20  (External Audit Report)
    Plana Sgrùdaidh Bliadhnail 2019/20 (Aithisg Sgrùdaidh bhon Taobh A-muigh)
There is circulated Report No. PC/3/20 by Grant Thornton which presents their annual audit plan setting out the work they plan to undertake as part of the audit of the pension fund.
The Committee is invited to consider the report.
7. Risk Management Update 
    Fios às Ùr mu Rianachd Chunnairt
There is circulated Report No. PC/4/20 by the Head of Corporate Finance and Commercialism.
Members are asked to note the updated risk register extract and compliance with the Pension Fund Regulator requirements.
8. Investment Sub Committee: Minutes of Meeting
    Fo-chomataidh Tasgaidh: Geàrr-chunntas na Coinneimh
The Minutes of meeting of the Investment Sub-Committee held on 6 September and 29 November 2019 are circulated for information.