Agendas, reports and minutes

Highland Council

Date: Thursday, 10 September 2020

Agenda: Read the Agenda (Supplementary Agenda)

In relation to the agenda and papers circulated for the above Meeting of the Highland Council, please find attached the undernoted:-


Question Time                                                                                              

There are circulated Responses to the Questions which were submitted for inclusion on the Council Agenda.   


Crown Estate Net Revenue 

There is circulated revised Report No. HC/29/20 dated 1 September 2020 by the Executive Chief Officer, Infrastructure & Environment.

The Council is asked to agree the following:-

(i)   the funding distribution model as set out in the paper to apply to the initial tranche of funding available to the Council;
(ii)  the governance structure recommended within the paper;
(iii) the details of scheme eligibility, as recommended within the paper:
a. broad eligibility principles
b. eligible applicants
c. eligible geography
d. rates available;
(iv)  the administration resource requirements to support communities and members in preparing, administering and managing the fund for the initial tranche of funding available to the Council; and
(v)   that the scheme be advertised and applications sought as soon as practicable to support the economic recovery and the development of projects.