Agendas, reports and minutes

Highland Council

Date: Thursday, 24 June 2021

Agenda: Read the Agenda (Supplementary)

In relation to the agenda and papers circulated for the above Meeting of the Highland Council, the undernoted are now circulated:-

AGENDA ITEM 7                                                                                      

Question Time (Public)

Question which has now been received as follows:-

Mr M Gunn 

To the Leader of the Council   

“Since November 2020 Nairn Academy has had vacancies in Pupil Support Assistant roles, with 3 such PSA posts still vacant as of June 2021 because Highland Council has refused to allow the positions to be advertised and filled.  These funded posts were left gapped due to the application of a Council corporate policy, but it was self-evident that these vital positions were desperately needed as pupils returned to schooling after the worst disruption to education in living memory.  Could the Highland Council therefore please explain what - if any - assessment was undertaken to determine the impact upon pupils at Nairn Academy of having such a large number of PSA positions gapped in the period November 2020 until present.

Please note that I am the Chair of the Parent Council at Nairn Academy”.

The response will follow.

Mr Gunn will be entitled to ask a supplementary question which will be answered by the Leader. 

Question Time (Members)                                                                           

Responses to the Questions from Members which it was indicated would follow.

AGENDA ITEM 11                                                                                         

Levelling Up Fund and Community Renewal Fund

There is circulated Appendices for Report No. HC/17/21 which it was indicated would follow. 

AGENDA ITEM 12                                                                                         

Boundaries Scotland – Review of Electoral Arrangements for the Highland Council Area – Final Proposals

There is circulated Report No. HC/18/21 dated 18 June 2021 by the Executive Chief Officer Performance and Governance. 

Members are asked to:- 

(i)    note the final report from Boundaries Scotland Review of Electoral Arrangements, The Highland Council Area Final Proposals;
(ii)    accept where the status quo has been maintained or where minor boundary adjustments have no impact – actually or consequentially - on Ward representation: Wards: 1-4; 6-9; 11; 18; 20 & 21; 
(iii)    oppose any more fundamental changes, particularly where this has led to a reduction of Ward membership, and argue that these should instead await the Local Governance Review and outcomes of the Scottish Government’s work on addressing West Coast depopulation; and 
(iv)    agree to write to the Deputy First Minister, Highlands and Islands MSPs and the Chair of the Local Government and Communities Committee to express the concerns raised by the Review’s proposals, as set out in Paragraph 7 of the report and the conclusions reached by the Council set out at ii) and iii) above.

Yours faithfully

Stewart Fraser
Head of Corporate Governance