Agendas, reports and minutes

Lochaber Committee

Date: Tuesday, 24 January 2023

Agenda: Read the Supplementary Agenda

In relation to the agenda circulated for the above meeting of the Lochaber Committee, the following supplementary report and revised report are circulated.
Agenda Item 6
Housing Revenue Account: Garage Rents 2023/2024 
Cunntas Teachd-a-steach Taigheadais: Màil Gharaidsean 2023/2024
There is circulated Revised Report No. LA/4/23 by the Executive Chief Officer Housing and Property. 
The Committee is invited to agree a level of rent increase to apply to Lochaber Garages and Garage Sites.
Agenda item  7 
Community Regeneration Fund Assessment of Applications
Iarrtasan airson Maoin Ath-bheòthachaidh Coimhearsnachd
There is circulated Report No LA/5/23 by the Executive Chief Officer Infrastructure, Environment and Economy.
Members are asked to:-
i. consider all applications presented for funding and agree whether to approve, defer or reject the application.  An approval of funding should detail the amount approved and outline any conditions of funding that Members wish to attach to the approval over and above the required technical conditions.  A deferral would allow an applicant to resubmit the current application at a future date with updated information or for the project to be approved subject to further funding becoming available.  A rejection would mean that the application will not proceed and any future application to the fund should be brought forward initially as a new expression of interest; and
ii. agree which applications should receive a funding award from Community Regeneration Fund up to the value of the available area allocation.