Agendas, reports and minutes

Caithness Committee

Date: Monday, 29 May 2023

Agenda: Read the Supplementary Agenda


In relation to the agenda circulated for the above Meeting of the Caithness Committee, please find attached the following reports:-

4. Thurso High School Update
Àrd-Sgoil Inbhir Theòrsa Cunntas às Ùr

There is circulated Report No. CC/13/23 by the Executive Chief Officer Housing and Property.

The Committee is asked to consider the report and agree Option 1 as the recommended and preferred option for Thurso High School.     
10.Community Asset Transfers 
Gluasadan So-mhaoin Coimhearsnachd

There is circulated Report No. CC/12/23 by the Head of Community Support and Engagement.

The Committee is invited to approve the:-

i.  sale of the Garages and Land at Loch Street, Wick for £1 To St Fergus Bowling Club on the terms set out in the report; and
ii. sale of Land/park located opposite Thrumster Primary School for £1, to Thrumster Community Development Company on the terms set out in the report.    
11. Ward Discretionary Awards
Duaisean fo Ùghdarras Uàird

The Committee is asked to note that the following Ward Discretionary Budget applications were approved in the 2022/23 Financial Year: 

Ward 2: Thurso and Northwest Caithness

Organisation                                                                                       Grant            Date
Chamber of commerce                                                                       £500.00     07/04/2022
Thurso in colour                                                                                  £500.00     10/06/2022
Castletown CC flower baskets                                                            £200.00     10/06/2022
Budding Engineers - replacement parts for re worked computers      £375.00     10/06/2022
1x Poppy Wreath Lord Lieutenant -1x PW Wreath HC                       £70.00       15/11/2022
Surf competition - mark boyd                                                              £1,500.00     
Thurso Hockey Club - £4000.00 for goals and equipment                  £1,000.00     30/03/2023
ACCC Village officer funding                                                               £1,750.00     30/03/2023
Ormile association - kitchen instal                                                       £315.00        27/03/2023
Thurso Youth club - improvements to building and staffing costs
 to assist during holidays for providing  childcare opportunities 
- big Thurso employability issue!                                                        £4,000.00     29/03/2023
RBWCC New flag pole                                                                       £1,000.00     30/03/2023
Thurso Community benefit - Socially Growing – Growing Young
 People’s Employability and Skills Confidence                                   £4,000.00     29/03/2023
Thurso Community Development Trust - Thurso Harbour Toilets 
– Youth Volunteer Engagement/Socially Growing                              £1,500.00     30/03/2023

Ward 3: Wick and East Caithness

RBWCC - Wick Community Market
 - Funding towards Wick Community Market                                      £1,500.00     04/04/2022
Chamber of Commerce - Funding towards Caithness
Transport Forum                                                                                 £500.00     07/04/2022
Wick Paths group - Materials
 - Path clearing at South Head Quarries, Wick                                   £1,500.00     01/07/2022
Budding Engineers - Funding towards recycling of IT equipment
 - with Ward 2                                                                                      £375.00     10/06/2022
1 Lord Leiutentant Wreath + 1 HC Crest Wreath                                £120.00     22/11/2022
HLH - Wick High School Youth Hub Christmas Lunch                        £100.00     23/12/2022
RBWCC New flag pole                                                                       £1,000.00     30/03/2023
Thurso Hockey Club - £4000.00 for goals and equipment                 £1,000.00     30/03/2023
Scottish Surfing Federation:- 
Scottish National Surfing Championships 2023 - Mark Boyd             £1,500.00     13/02/2023
Wick CDT – replace the fence around the wooded area                   £4,600.00     28/03/2023
ACCC Village Officer funding                                                            £1,750.00     30/03/2023
Caithness KLICS SCIO - Gardening Project                                     £2,000.00     30/03/2023
RBWCC Wick town centre revival                                                     £2,500.00     30/03/2023

Yours faithfully
Stewart Fraser
Head of Legal and Governance