​​​​​​​Step closer for CaSPlan after Caithness Area Committee

The Caithness and Sutherland Local Development Plan (CaSPlan) remains on track for eventual adoption in final form in spring 2018. Yesterday the Caithness Committee considered the results of public consultation on the Modified Proposed Plan and agreed that the Plan be progressed to the Examination stage.

Through the Examination an independent Reporter will consider the outstanding issues that have been raised through the relevant consultations. The Reporter will then decide whether any further changes should be made to CaSPlan before it is adopted by the Council.

The recommendations in the officers’ report, which were agreed by Committee, are for the Council, through the Examination, to defend its proposals as set out in the Modified Proposed Plan. With respect to the area west of Thurso, which has attracted considerable interest during the process, the Council’s proposals going forward are therefore that:

  • proposals for Site TS04 ‘Thurso West’ should remain in CaSPlan as specified;
  • previous proposals for Sites TS12 ‘East of Burnside’ and TS14 ‘Land West of Caravan Park’ should not be included in CaSPlan.

On 22 February 2017 the Sutherland County Committee will likewise consider the results of public consultation on the Modified Proposed Plan. After that the Council will be in a position to confirm the next stage for CaSPlan.


15 Feb 2017
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