Successful Gaelic In-Service Day


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pixA highly successful Gaelic In-Service day took place in the Merkinch Community Centre today (Wednesday 22 February), aimed at staff who are directly involved in Gaelic Education.

The Gaelic In-Service day is an annual event. This year’s event focussed on delivery content that responded very specifically to the development needs of staff, as highlighted by the responses received from the Council’s Gaelic Education Audit and visits to schools across the Highland area. 

For the first time since the event was established, Early Years Practitioners (EYPs), were invited to participate.  The Council aims to continue with this integration as it proved to create a more holistic approach in relation Gaelic Education from 3-18 years.  The Council’s EYPs are being supported by Officers.

The Gaelic In-Service Day delivered a varied and packed programme, which included a briefing on the Statutory Guidance on Gaelic Education by Bòrd na Gàidhlig’s Director of Education; an Update on National Developments by Education Scotland; Gàidhlig Grammar and Language Training delivered by an expert in linguistics and  Gaelic Medium Leadership by the Social Enterprise Academy.

The British Council Scotland, gave informative information on funded international visits on how to examine examples of good practice in bilingual education, through a specific European Programme in addition to sharing virtual opportunities for young people to come together in school time, using their Gaelic through online eTwinning.  Storlann representatives delivered inputs targeting development opportunities in the Primary and Secondary sectors.

Highland Council, Head of Education Mr Jim Steven, said: “It is almost immeasurable what has been achieved within Gaelic Education across Scotland within the last 35 years since it first began. There have been many challenges, but also huge successes, especially when we see that the Council are currently employing teachers which themselves studied Gaelic, or came through the Gaelic Medium Education system.” He continued, “The way education is being delivered is changing, especially as we embrace information technology within our schools and learning environments. This will continue to enhance and further the development of Gaelic Education.

“I wish to take this opportunity to thank all the delegates and the excellent keynote speakers and the organisers of this excellent event.”  

The Gaelic Medium Primary teacher at Acharacle Primary attended the day and said: “It is incredibly important to get the opportunity to come together like this as part of a Gaelic Education community.  There are the obvious networking benefits and the professional value of hearing presentations from staff delivering developments locally and nationally; central to everything is the Gaelic language and how we maximise learning experiences for our pupils through the medium of Gaelic.”



22 Feb 2017