Highland Council funding to CAB Projects

The Highland Council has agreed to extend funding to two CAB projects of up to £50,000.

The Mental Health and Midwifery projects provide money and welfare advice to pregnant mums and those experiencing mental ill health.

The Council has already provided combined funding for both projects of £352,920.

Members agreed to fund up to £50,000 with savings made from Treasury Management and have called for a wide ranging review to be carried out to inform the new contracts.

Leader of the Highland Council, who proposed the motion, said:  “No one questions the value of these projects. They both provide an extremely valuable service to people who really need it. There are clearly benefits in terms of preventative spend in the future. It is really important that a review is carried out to identify and quantify the value and sustainability of these services which can inform the terms of any future contracts. Along side the funding decisions we make, we are responsible for ensuring that we retain sufficient reserves to protect the financial security of the Council.”



9 Mar 2017
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