School lets charges to increase from 1 April

The Highland Council is informing groups and individuals that from Saturday 1 April 2017 charges for school lets will increase by 10% in Highland schools.

The decision to increase the charges for lets was made by Highland Councillors at the Council’s 2017/18 Budget meeting on 16 February 2017 - see Booklet B (page 67). The Council’s budget gap for 2017/18 has been identified at £20.344m and this price increase is anticipated to generate additional income of £29,437 which will help the Council to deliver a balanced budget in 2017/18.

Also from 1 April 2017 the management of school lets moves from the Council’s Care and Learning Service to the Development and Infrastructure Service.

The types of lets affected will include, for example: fitness classes and sports; charity and community events; creative arts (music, crafts, art); concerts/dramas; workshops, meetings and conferences; uniformed groups and youth activities; commercial activities; celebrations (discos/weddings/ceilidhs); and Highland Instrumental Activity.

Anyone interested in booking the use of a school facility should contact the school to discuss requirements and availability.

Further information is available on the council’s website at

15 Mar 2017
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