Dingwall Musicians in fine tune


At the recent Inverness Music Festival, Dingwall Academy had great success with two music ensembles.

Dingwall Academy Senior String Ensemble won the Eastgate Trophy and Dingwall Academy School Orchestra won the Lareoux Trophy. 

Both groups are directed by The Highland Council strings Instructor for the area, Rachel Farmer who was delighted with the way both groups performed. 

Norman Bolton, the Councils Music Development Officer congratulated the musicians and said: “Success of this nature comes as a result of hard work and dedication – from groups members and the staff who work with them.  Highland Council Music Instructors dedicate a huge amount of extra time to working with pupils beyond their daytime lessons and experiences such as this provide the pupils with such valuable social and musical skills which can ultimately lead to greater confidence in many areas of their lives.”



20 Mar 2017
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