Stress Less Week for Nairn Pupils

Lots of slow deep breathing will be taking place in Nairn Academy this week as the school’s Pupil Council have organised a range of events for a Stress Less Week.

The events, run by pupils for their peers, raise awareness of stress, especially in the build up to the start of exams, and gives young people lots of helpful tips and strategies of how best to cope.

As well as displays giving facts and lots of information the Stress Less Week will focus on a different theme for each day.  Yesterday the theme was Sleeping Well and today (Tuesday 21 March) the focus will be on Eating Well. The other daily themes this week will be Being Active and Being Organised.

Head Teacher Julie Macdonald said: “The Pupil Council have done a great job in identifying an issue which effects pupils of all ages and coming up with a week of events to get everyone talking and sharing practical tips on ways to beat stress.  To complement their efforts throughout the week our Guidance teachers are also spending time talking to pupils about stress and achievable ways to help. I am sure the whole school will get a lot out of the week.”  

The week of awareness raising builds up to a Thursday lunchtime event at which all pupils will be able to take part in quizzes and take away handouts, tasters and giveaways.






21 Mar 2017
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