Ardnamurchan High School Partnership evening


Ardnamurchan High School held its annual Partnership evening on 15th March to which all who support the school in any way were warmly invited. An excellent finger buffet prepared by pupils and their West Highland College tutor, Michael Campbell was served as people gathered.  This was followed by a presentation led by Head Teacher, Christopher Millar-Craig and Depute Simon Patterson which show-cased the interconnectedness of all the partner organisations working together on behalf on the young people of Ardnamurchan High School. The voluntary efforts of staff and members of the community and partnership in all its forms were celebrated.

This was also an opportunity for the Partnership Award, in memory of the late Iain Cameron, which recognises voluntary or exceptional additional efforts in behalf of young people at the school to be awarded by Louise Cameron.  This year, in recognition of the significant voluntary and after school work involved in the school pantomime, the award and congratulations went jointly to Miss Jillian Anderson (also offering extensive after-school Music) and Mrs Patricia Kennedy (also mentor to award winning Young Chef candidates). 

Before making the presentation, Louise Cameron who established the Iain Cameron Award in 2004, said: There is recognition of the huge effort that goes into the pantomime evening. As such it does seem fitting for the award to be jointly awarded to Jillian Anderson and Trish Kennedy this year 2017.I do hope they both feel their peers recognise and the school community appreciate the extra work and effort they put into the AHS environment.”  

Teresa Bolton, Parent Council Chair said: “I very much enjoyed the presentation ....... and despite being on the Parent Council, I was astounded at just how much the school provides for all the pupils. I am sure that everyone there will have been equally impressed. “

Unfortunately Jillian Anderson was not able to be present at the event so Patricia Kennedy received the award on behalf of them both.

Speaking at the end of the event Head teacher Christopher Millar-Craig said: "A huge well done and thank you to Jillian Anderson  and Trish Kennedy  for a well-deserved award  and I would also like to recognise the fantastic buffet which Michael Campbell and  our pupils provided.”


24 Mar 2017
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