Castle Viewpoint Success - fully booked by Tuesday lunchtime

Issued by High Life Highland

Inverness Castle Viewpoint, the newest visitor attraction in Inverness opened its doors for the first time on Easter Monday offering free access to the public until Friday 21st April and has been inundated with enquiries since.

1100 free slots for the rest of the week were snapped up by lunchtime on Tuesday leaving operators High Life Highland delighted with the initial response.

High Life Highland Chief Executive Ian Murray said:

“We knew that Inverness Castle Viewpoint would be a popular attraction and that demand would be high. The phones started ringing at 08:30 on our first day and we have been operating at capacity since opening the doors at 11am right through to closing at 18:00 on Monday evening.

The high level of demand has continued for the rest of the week and as of lunchtime today (Tuesday 18th) all 1100 free slots are now full.”

From Saturday 22nd April admission will be priced at £5 for Adults and £3 for children and spaces will be available on a first come first served basis.

Key Inverness landmarks are visible from the top of Castle Viewpoint and are explained on the interpretation giving visitors unique insights into local legends related to the City as they make their way to the viewing platform.

The Viewpoint is housed over three floors and on your climb to the top you can enjoy a taste of the most famous myths associated with the City, such as The Brahan Seer, the legendary 17th Century highland mystic, many of whose prophecies actually came true. Also learn how St Columba met and banished the monster from the River Ness thus beginning the legend of Nessie

You can capture and share the stunning panoramas views across the City and its hinterland on social media using #InvernessCastle or @invernesscastle on Twitter.

The Council, Inverness Common Good Fund and Highlands and Islands Enterprise have all contributed to the cost of the project. City Region Deal money was also made available to improve the approaches to the North Tower and Castle, with an upgrade of Castle Wynd.




18 Apr 2017
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