Tain 3-18 Campus

Highland Council can advise that the Council's new People Committee, meeting on 21 June 2017, will be asked to agree to a new site selection review for the Tain 3 – 18 Campus.  This is in response to local community feedback raising concerns about the Council’s proposal to build on the existing Tain Royal Academy Site.  If agreed, Council Officers would commence a new review looking at all available site options, conduct further public consultation on those options, and present recommendations back to Committee for consideration at a later date.

The Council is in dialogue with Scottish Futures Trust, and Scottish Government who are part-funding the Tain Campus project, regarding the proposed site review.

While a review of site options was ongoing, current design and project activity on the Campus would pause. The current planning application, submitted for the existing Academy site, would be sisted.

Cllr Fiona Robertson said: “The Council has listened to concerns expressed within the community about the use of the existing Academy site for the new Campus, and intends to undertake a new review to ensure that all current site options are re-considered.  The new Campus will be a vital community facility to serve current and future generations, and its important the Council takes stock to ensure the location chosen is the most suitable, and takes account of community concerns.”

1 Jun 2017
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