Leader, speaking from Eigg, welcomes Islands Bill

Island of Eigg ©Amy Prior THC

Speaking from the Island of Eigg, after the publication of the Scottish Government’s Islands Bill, Cllr Margaret Davidson, Leader of the Highland Council  said:-

“I welcome publication of this Bill which recognises the importance of our Island communities and the valued contribution they make. I am particularly pleased that the Scottish Government are seeking to make provision for the  requirement to ‘island proof’ future legislation and policies. This is an important first step but it should not stop there. We also need rural proofing of government policies as many of our rural communities face the same issues that our islands face.”

Cllr Allan Henderson, Chair of Places Committee said: “This is an important step forward in recognising the unique interests of  our island communities and I am pleased that we have been able to engage positively with the Scottish Government on this Bill.”


Highland Council has a coastline of 4412km with 1493 islands. The island of Eigg is 9x5km with a population of just under 100. http://www.isleofeigg.org/



12 Jun 2017
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