£1.42M for six sustainable timber transport road projects in Highland

Six timber transport projects that benefit communities and the environment on rural roads in Highland are to receive £1.42 million of funding announced today.

These projects will improve rural infrastructure and greatly reduce the impact of timber haulage on local communities.

The funding is from the 2017 Strategic Timber Transport Fund (STTF), managed by Forestry Commission Scotland.

Chair of the Places Committee, Cllr Allan Henderson welcomed the news saying: “I am delighted to hear that our application for funding has been approved and we are to get £1.42 million to improve six rural roads in Highland. This together with the investment of £1 million extra capital funds agreed by the Council in March, will make a significant difference to rural communities.

The Council is also working with the Scottish Road Works Commissioner to deliver improved co-ordination and co-operation with utility companies undertaking works on the public road. Deploying additional inspection resources will increase the monitoring and drive improvements in the standards of road works and reinstatements.  Utility companies will be encouraged to minimise the disruption caused to the road using public by reducing the duration of works and, wherever possible, reinstating their works to a permanent standard at the same time.

The Council expects that this will reduce the number of reinstatement failures and help to maintain the integrity of the road surface.

The Council approved an additional £24.520 million in December 2015 for roads, bridges and piers to be included in the Capital Plan, together with an additional provision of £1.6 million for minor flood works over 10 years.




13 Jun 2017
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