Welfare Support helps Highland people to £4.651 million

Welfare Support provided by The Highland Council helped customers to a record financial gain of £4.651 million over the past year (2016-17).

Over this period, the Welfare Support  team supported 1,560 customers to maximise their benefits. The team can help customers who may be missing out on benefits they are entitled to, as well as providing personal budgeting advice and support with money matters.

Information about the support available is on the Council website at:


You can also phone the Welfare Support team on 0800 090 1004

Chair of Corporate Resources Committee, Cllr Alister Mackinnon said: “The Welfare Support team provides an invaluable service. Nearly £5 million is a vast amount of money for people to miss out on. This support is incredibly beneficial putting money straight into the pockets of people in need in our communities.”

14 Jun 2017
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