Leader responds to Education Governance paper

The Highland Council Leader responds to the publication of Education Governance: Next Steps, announced today by John Swinney, Deputy First Minister and Cabinet Secretary for Education and Skills.

Leader of the Highland Council Margaret Davidson said:

“I believe that local democratic accountability must be at the heart of the delivery of Scottish education.  We are committed to continuous improvement in education, to achieve the best outcomes for children as part of an integrated children’s service. 

“At first read, these proposals go further than we were led to believe and could sever the long established and productive links of accountability between schools and local government. We need to read these proposals carefully and respond, however at first reading I find little here to welcome and am concerned this is a first stepping stone to more centralisation.

“In order to allow wider consideration and discussion, I intend to raise this at Council on 29 June.”







15 Jun 2017
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