Presentation of Gold Duke of Edinburgh’s Awards  


Convener Cllr Bill Lobban and members of the Highland Council welcomed 9 Young people who achieved their Gold Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, to the meeting of the Highland Council in Inverness, along with their family members.

The 9 who attended the presentation were part of a wider group of 25 participants from the Highland Council Area who gained their Gold Award during the past 12 months.

Before presenting them with their awards, the Convener congratulated the young people on their success. He said:

  “To achieve a Gold Award takes a lot of hard work, time and commitment. You are credit to your families, those who have supported you through the scheme and to yourselves. These Awards are challenging so receipt of a Gold Award marks you out as having dedication, motivation and strength of character.

I am sure that through the varied activities each of you have undertaken, you have discovered the satisfaction of personal achievement and helping others. On behalf of the whole council I would like to congratulate you all and wish you all a very prosperous and fulfilling future.”

Mr Nigel Brett Young of High Life Highland who manages the award on behalf of the Highland Council was on hand to introduce the participants and invite them to come forward to receive their Gold Badge or Brooch from the Convener.

•           Ardnamurchan High School - Ruby Tilling

•           Culloden Academy - Ellen Stewart

•           Ullapool High School - Edward Stewart

•           Inverness Royal Academy - Catriona Russell

•           Culloden Academy - Eithne Barnes

•           Grantown Grammar School - Ailsa Hepburn

•           Culloden Academy - Kieran Jamieson

•           Grantown Grammar School - Racheal Crane

•           Inverness Royal Academy - Ananda Bruce

Ian Murray Chief Executive of High Life Highland said

“HLH is delight to be involved in supporting the delivery of Duke of Edinburgh’s awards in Highland. Achieving a Gold Award takes dedication and commitment. I am sure that all recipients will take the experience with them into adulthood and continue to contribute to their local communities and their own development. There is no doubt that the skills learned can help Highland young people with future employment and educational opportunities.”




29 Jun 2017
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