Council to form Cross-Party Working group for Inverness Schools

Members of The Highland Council have agreed to form a short life Cross-Party Working group for Inverness Schools. The decision to create the working group was made at  Highland Council’s meeting on 29 June.

Councillor Alasdair Christie, Depute Council Leader and Chair of the People Committee, said:

“The City of Inverness and surrounding area has seen significant expansion and housing growth in recent years, which is forecast to continue well into the future.  That economic growth is most welcome from the perspective of jobs and the economy, for Inverness and the wider Highlands.  With growth however also comes greater demands on the Council for infrastructure and provision of Council services and schooling in particular. 

“The opportunity presented, is to ensure the Council has a programme of investment to deliver new build schools, refurbishments and extensions, across the Inverness School Estate, to meet these demands. The Working Group, alongside the Council’s capital review, will have a key role in developing recommendations on how best to invest in our schools, to grow capacity, and improve the condition and suitability of the learning and teaching environment for our young people.” 

Cllr Christie added: “Members recognise, that there are significant financial pressures on the Council, and therefore it is essential that the Council looks to maximise the outcomes it can achieve from its capital programme.  The working group will not only consider and develop recommendations on which Inverness schools it may need to target its capital investment, but also consider recommendations from officers on the most efficient way to deliver that investment.”

The remit of the working group will cover all educational provision, including the expansion of early learning and child care, and primary and secondary education, as well as additional support and Gaelic medium provision. 

The Working Group will develop recommendations to be considered by the Council’s City of Inverness Area Committee and People Committee later this year.


5 Jul 2017
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