Highland Council seeks clarification on Glensanda Quarry jobs

Highland Council Leaders are to seek clarification from the operators of Glensanda Quarry in Lochaber on news reports that up to 25 jobs at the quarry are under threat.

Leader of The Highland Council, Cllr Margaret Davidson said: 

“I will be seeking – along with Lochaber Area Leader, Cllr Andrew Baxter – clarification from Aggregate Industries of their proposals regarding staff transfers to a contractor at Glesanda Quarry in Lochaber and what the impact will be on jobs.

“Both Cllr Baxter and I, are concerned at news reports claiming that up to half of long-term jobs could be lost at the quarry and we will be seeking further information and reassurance on what TUPE arrangements will be in place.  These are vitally important jobs in a fragile rural economy. 

“We also wish to discuss with the GMB Union what their concerns are for their members.”

14 Jul 2017
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