Council Leader calls for transparency on HMRC move to Edinburgh

Leader of The Highland Council, Cllr Margaret Davidson is calling for transparency on the UK Government’s announcement this week that 2,900 HMRC civil servants will be relocated to a new hub in Edinburgh city centre by 2020.

Councillor Davidson said:

“I am very concerned that Inverness is cited in news coverage of the UK Government’s intention to move HMRC staff in regional offices to Edinburgh.
I will be seeking clarification from the Minister with responsibility Caroline Nokes exactly what the impact will be on HMRC staff in the City of Inverness; how many employees will be affected and what this will mean for the economy of Inverness and the wider Highlands.
I will also be seeking justification for the centralisation of HMRC services to Edinburgh and how this will impact on HMRC’s Highland citizens.”

16 Jul 2017
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