Easter Ross Community Partnership Meeting

Issued on behalf of the Easter Ross Community Partnership

The Easter Ross Community Partnership will meet in public at the Community Pavilion, formerly known as the Scout Hut, in Balintore on Wednesday August 2 2017 at 2 pm.

 The Chair, Mark Loynd of the Scottish Fire & Rescue Service, said: "We are keen to hold our meetings in different locations to encourage conversations between communities and agencies. Members of the Partnership were recently at the Seaboard gala and began to hear about the good things in the community, but also what could be better or greatly improved.”

The aim of the group is to produce short and easy to understand Locality Plans, informed by and shared with communities, which will highlight their particular concerns along with key actions to try and improve situations. The first of these plans will be for Balintore.

 Mark added: “We’re looking forward to being in Balintore next week and will welcome people from anywhere in Easter Ross to come along. And we’ll be taking the opportunity to launch a “How Good is Seaboard” survey which will help inform the Partnership’s planning for the next few years.”

 The Pavilion will be open from 13:30 with refreshments available.

26 Jul 2017
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