Council and businesses to roll sleeves up for ‘City Streets - Deep Clean’

Highland Councillors and Inverness city centre businesses will meet next week (Wednesday 23 August at 3:30pm) to mark the start of an Inverness Common Good funded Inverness City Streets – Deep Clean project which aims to be a catalyst in the ongoing cleanliness of Inverness city centre.

The Provost and Leader of Inverness Cllr Helen Carmichael and Central Ward Members Cllrs Campbell, Laird and McAllister are meeting proprietors of Inverness Mobile Phone Centre, Maggies and Suzis and Buonissimo who are supporting the initiative.

Initially the Council is investing in a two week long deep clean of Baron Taylors Street, Lombard Street and Drummond Street which will include the use of powerwashers and removal of chewing gum wherever possible and painting the Vennel between Lombard Street and High Street.

Businesses are then being urged to maintain and clean their own shopfronts and immediate areas on an ongoing basis.

Provost Carmichael said: “I have written to all business owners and managers of Baron Taylors, Lombard and Drummond Streets businesses today appealing to them to take part in the City Streets - Deep Clean. If we all roll our sleeves up and pitch in, then together we can keep our city centre cleaner and more appealing to everyone.”

In her letter she said:

“Our city is getting busier by the day, Tourists and locals are finding more reasons than ever to visit the city centre. This is down to the expanding offer our city has, that you are making a massive contribution to. We have a great city but we can always do more and the Council is looking at ways to improve what it can do to help.

“We can’t resolve the challenges of a growing city on our own so we need your help. Businesses adjoining the Vennel have already agreed to meet the cost of repainting their shopfronts. In return for the Deep Clean, we are asking all businesses in the streets affected to undertake to wash and clean their shopfronts on a regular basis as well as keeping the area in front of their premises clean and tidy on a daily basis. I know that a number of you already make the effort and this is very much appreciated.” 

18 Aug 2017
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