Options Appraisal for Corran Ferry to get underway

The Lochaber Area Committee has agreed that an options appraisal should commence for the future of the Corran Ferry service.

In February 2017, as part of its Transport Review, the Council’s Redesign Board recommended undertaking an options appraisal to inform a business case to decide the future of the Corran Ferry.

A number of options will be looked at including an appraisal of in-house service delivery; the use of an Arms-Length provider, or outsourcing the service to another provider. Further options will be developed in a business case which should examine the merits and viability of each option in order to deliver a reliable, efficient and safe ferry service.

Chair of the Council’s Places Committee and member of the Lochaber Area Committee, Councillor Allan Henderson, said: “The Redesign Board has given us a clear steer and we need to get on and do it. This is a life line service.  No options should be left out, but we need realistic and sustainable proposals.”

Chair of the Lochaber Area Committee, Councillor Andrew Baxter said: “I am pleased that we are finally at the stage of commencing an options appraisal and I welcome this. We need to know what options there are and the viability as the current situation is unsustainable. This issue is not just about ferries - it is about the wider infrastructure in this area and we need the options appraisal to look at that.”



23 Aug 2017
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