Investment in hydraulic bollards to help protect city centre pedestrians

Following on from the introduction of decriminalised parking in Highland, The Highland Council has invested £50k to help protect pedestrians in Inverness city centre.

Cllr Allan Henderson, Chair of the Council’s Places Committee said: “I am very pleased that the new parking enforcement service has delivered these improvement works funded from the Council’s Traffic Management and Control budget. Targeted improvements have delivered these refurbished automatic bollards to protect the Inverness pedestrian zone.”

Provost and Leader of Inverness City Committee, Cllr Helen Carmichael added: “I am delighted that this investment in the refurbishment of the hydraulic bollard system will help support the ongoing safety of pedestrians and the continued benefit of the pedestrianised environment in Inverness city centre. It’s important that we ensure that Inverness is safe for locals and visitors alike.”

The bollards ensure that motorised vehicles cannot access Eastgate and the High Street, which are part of the Inverness Pedestrian Zone which includes Inglis Street and Baron Taylors Lane. The zone is restricted from Monday to Fri from 11am to 3pm and on Saturday 10am to 5pm.

The public are reminded that there is No Waiting at any time within the pedestrian zone. Access is for loading only out with restricted periods.

The bollards will remain up at all times and will lower automatically when vehicles approach out with restricted periods.

23 Aug 2017
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