​​​​​​​Inverness Royal Academy to reopen on Monday 28 August

During performance and commissioning testing on gas cookers in a first floor Home Economics classroom at Inverness Royal Academy last evening (23 August) two fire suppression sprinkler heads were inadvertently activated, resulting in water spreading into a number of first and ground floor classroom/corridor areas including the school kitchen.

The school is closed today (24th) and tomorrow (25th August).

Pupils and parents should observe the school’s Twitter site for updates @Inverness_Royal and the school closures website www.highland.gov.uk/schoolclosures and the school closures information line phone 0800 564 2272 PIN 04 1100.

The water release occurred while Contractors instructed by Hub North Scotland/Morrison Construction were undertaking testing of the new gas cookers in the Home Economics rooms as part of commissioning process to measure air quality levels when all cookers are fully operating.

The Council apologises for any inconvenience caused by this incident and confirm that the school intends to re-open on Monday 28 August. The most affected Home Economics room and library may remain closed for a longer period of time to allow for the replacement of water damaged floorcoverings.

An initial ‘mop-up’ operation took place last evening, the sprinkler system was deactivated and re-commissioned today and safety tests are being carried out on sprinklers, electrics/IT and alarms to ensure that all are working correctly and safely for the school re-opening. A full clean-up is taking place from today onwards.

Head Teacher Nigel Engstrand said: “I would like to thank the school and Highland Council staff who came into school overnight to help manage the incident and deal with the initial mop-up.

“In spite of the challenges we faced in dealing with the incident and in getting the message out to pupils and parents, only 4 pupils turned up to school today out of our 1,050 school roll.

“The most affected area is in a Home Economics room; however the Library and some of the Technical Classrooms are also affected. Due to the swift action of our staff they managed to save library books that would have been ruined.”

Highland Council will seek to ensure that Hub North Scotland and Morrison Construction who were in control of the works that led to the sprinklers’ activation and their contractors assume responsibility for undertaking all of the remediation works, including meeting any costs of damage arising from the incident.

Morrison’s have reacted quickly and are currently carrying out a full condition survey of all affected areas, services, fixtures and fittings and are working closely with the Council to ensure that the school is ready and safe to re-open on Monday.

Inverness Royal Academy Sports Centre managed by High Life Highland is also closed today and its situation will be reviewed tomorrow. Customers are advised to observe the Inverness Royal Academy Sports Centre Facebook page for updates at @HLH.IRASC


24 Aug 2017
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