Police Scotland and Highland Council reaffirm commitment to Inverness city centre 

Police Scotland and partners at the Highland Council have reaffirmed their commitment to making sure Inverness city centre remains a vibrant and safe place to live, visit and work.

Inverness area commander Chief Inspector Colin Gough recently met with the Provost of Inverness Helen Carmichael and other representatives of Highland Council to discuss the city centre.

Chief Inspector Gough said: "I was pleased to meet with the Provost and welcomed the opportunity to discuss policing in the city centre."I would stress that Inverness is generally a safe place to visit, live and work but there are clearly issues that need to be addressed.
"The city centre is one of the key arrival points in the Highlands and issues such as anti-social behaviour and public drinking are not a good first impression for visitors.

"We are always considering our approach to policing the city centre and I will be carrying out a review to ensure I have the right people with the right skill set in the right place at the right time to provide the necessary visibility, reassurance and response.
"The city centre is a complex area to police and there are a number of factors and social issues which need to be considered, meaning that working in partnership and sharing knowledge across a number of bodies is vital.

"I believe that through working with our partners in Highland Council, Inverness BID, the business community and others we can take collective responsibility and make a substantive difference to Inverness city centre."

Further meetings are planned involving various parties to consider next steps.

The Provost of Inverness, Councillor Helen Carmichael said: “As public agencies we are all well aware of the importance of a vibrant city centre that is welcoming to all. Inverness still remains a very safe place to live. 
"I am pleased to say that the discussions which I have had with Police Scotland and the leaders of the business community through Inverness BID  have reaffirmed our joint commitment to the provision of a more visible presence within the city centre  to enhance everyone’s enjoyment.”

24 Aug 2017
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