​​​​​​​Training to retain young people in Highland employment

The creation of a new Modern Apprenticeship Programme in The Highland Council,  which will aspire to create 150 new apprenticeships within 2 years, received approval from Members of the Council’s Corporate Resources Committee today (30 August 2017).

The Highland Council will access currently untapped training funds from the Council’s £1.15M annual contribution to the Modern Apprenticeship Levy, for developing new apprentices and the upskilling or retraining of existing employees.

Chair the Corporate Resources Committee, Cllr Alister Mackinnon said:

“The new Modern Apprenticeship Programme is a very welcome approach to addressing the current mass out-migration of our young people from the Highlands. By targeting and supporting our young people with training and employment in partnership with local businesses we hope to improve their long term employability and to retain those who wish to live and work in the region."

Working with local businesses and partner organisations the new Modern Apprenticeship Programme will support youth employability and recruitment across Highland.

30 Aug 2017
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