Voting for 10 candidates in Lochbroom Community Council election

People voting in the Lochbroom Community Council election are advised that they can vote for up to 10 candidates on their ballot paper. Fifteen nominations have been received. 

Ballot papers should be returned in the pre-paid envelope which has been provided to electors by 12 noon on Thursday 14 September 2017.

Electors should vote by marking a cross (X) in the box opposite the names of the candidates they are voting for.  They may vote for up to 10 candidates.

The fifteen candidates are:

•    David Andrew Crook, Willowbank, North Road, Ullapool, IV26 2XL.
•    Topher Dawson, Reul na Maione, Mill Street, Ullapool, IV26 2UN.
•    George Farlow, 7 Seaforth Road, Ullapool, IV26 2UY.
•    Angie Ford, 20 Seaforth Road, Ullapool, IV26 2UY.
•    Mark Gough, Broom Cottage, Letters, Lochbroom, IV23 2SD.
•    Anne Merylyn Hedger, 9 Durnamuck, Dundonnell, IV23 2QZ.
•    Michael David Holmes, 10 Loggie, Lochbroom, IV23 2SG.
•    Charlie Macaulay, 20 Morefield Place, Ullapool, IV26 2TS.
•    Sandy Mackenzie, Cherrybank, Ardindrean, Lochbroom, IV23 2SE.
•    Robbie Mackenzie, 23 St Valery Place, Ullapool, IV26 2TD.
•    Moz Mikietyn, 
•    Kevin O’Leary, 1 Morefield Lane, Ullapool, IV26 2PH.
•    Rosemary Margaret O’Leary, 1 Morefield Lane, Ullapool, IV26 2PH.
•    Alan Philip Desmond Sears, Broomvale, 26 Market Street, Ullapool, IV26 2XE.
•    Lorraine Gibson Thomson, Roselea, Moss Road, Ullapool, IV26 2TF.

7 Sep 2017
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