Council Programme agreed - Local Voices, Highland Choices

The Highland Council has agreed a five-year Programme which sets out a number of strategic goals across 5 themes: a place to live, a place to learn, a place to thrive, a welcoming place and a redesigned council.

Council Leader, Margaret Davidson said:

“Our Programme builds on the foundations of localism that we have been establishing over recent months. We are committed to devolving more power to areas to make democracy work better for communities.

“This is an exciting and energetic region full of entrepreneurs and we need to build on the undoubted strengths in our communities. Workforce planning is crucial for our future and we must plan to grow our own skilled workforce to meet the needs of tomorrow, with early years provision, support for schools, modern apprenticeships, and supporting and growing job creation and opportunities across the region.

“In tandem with growing jobs and opportunities we need to ensure we have places for people to live and thrive. We have an acute housing need and we will be ambitious with our targets for new homes and encouraging the private sector to join with us in our ambition.”

She continued: “There are many risks, mostly fiscal, to the successful outcome of our Programme, but never better opportunities. This programme must have cross-chamber support and the next step is to discuss the detail in a seminar with members and thereafter to engage with our communities and partners in order to deliver the best we can for Highland.”

The agreed priorities will form the basis of the Council’s corporate and service plans.

7 Sep 2017
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