Restructure to save £235,000

The Highland Council has agreed to proposals for a restructure of services which will release further savings and streamline management in the Council.

The changes would reduce the Senior Management costs of the Council by £235,000 per annum (including oncosts). This saving will contribute to the Redesign budget saving agreed in February 2017.

The new arrangements will also mean a number of adjustments to the leadership and management of specific functions to meet the agreed Redesign criteria and to achieve targeted improvements in performance.

These proposals for a leaner Senior Management structure of four Directorates will reduce the number of Senior Managers in the Council. This reduction is in addition to the 83 senior management posts removed in the past 9 years.

Chief Executive Steve Barron explained the aims of the restructuring proposals. He said: “These proposals will reduce the Councils senior management costs and align our structures with the Redesign of the Council. There are so many uncertainties currently that I asked Members to recognise that while these changes are appropriate for mid 2017, they may have to be reviewed again as our opportunities and challenges become clearer.”

Convener of the Council, Bill Lobban said: “The Council has an extremely talented and well-motivated workforce who have had to adapt In order to maintain services in the light of significant budget cuts in recent years. Clearly we currently have one of the leanest senior management structure among Scottish rural Councils and these proposals further challenge our capacity. I have no doubt that the Council will emerge a leaner and more efficient organisation at all levels”





The management structure reduces from 5 Directorates to 4 comprising

• Corporate Resources

• Community Services

• Development and Infrastructure

• Care and Learning

7 Sep 2017
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