Highland Heritage in 16 objects

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Download the Festival event guide here

As part of the upcoming Highland Archaeology Festival, 16 museums across the Highlands, Moray and Argyll will be showcasing  an object from their collection and people are being encouraged to visit the participating museums to discover these and other objects which tell the stories of Highland heritage from earliest settlers to modern times.

 “We wanted to encourage people to explore many of the museums in the Highlands, and see what unusual and special objects can be found within them,”’ explained Kirsty Cameron, The Highland Council’s Archaeologist . 

Anyone taking part collects a stamp from each museum they visit and over the Festival, which runs from 30th September until 15 October, whoever collects the most stamps will receive a £25 book token.

Kirsty added: “From skulls to shrapnel, brooches to boats, the objects span a wide time range. All participating museums which have entry charges are offering special half price or free days. Many of the museums are also offering a special exhibition for the festival. It’s a great opportunity to explore for the first time or revisit to see what’s new.” 

The Highland Archaeology Festival, now in its 24th year, runs this year from 30th September to 15th October. Organisations, museums and individuals have offered over 100 events and exhibitions throughout the Highlands. It includes three trails: the Object trail, a geocache trail and a number of self-guided walks you can explore throughout the year. Details are already posted on the HAF website www.highlandarchaeologyfestival.org, and a printed brochure is available at libraries, Service Points, and Tourist Information Centres. 

Anyone interested in collecting stamps from the participating museums can get a copy of the Museum Passport from the Highland Archaeology Festival (HAF) printed event guide or download it from the HAF website www.highlandarchaeologyfestival.org

Highland Archaeology Festival is part of Scotland’s Year of History, Heritage and Archaeology 2017.


12 Sep 2017
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